It is with truly humble and grateful hearts that we announce the end of the Diane Drulis Foundation. We are closing the curtain, if you will, on what has been a wonderful run. We thank all of our supporters and friends for their generosity and efforts in helping us to reach our goal of honoring Diane Drulis. The foundation succeeded beyond our imagination. We are confident in our decision and know that Mrs. Drulis/Diane/JD/Coach Drulis/Mom would more than approve of this decision. In fact, some might say, she is the one dimming the lights on our stage. 

It is without question that every dancer who every stood in her classroom, auditioned for our foundation, or held a DDF title, could feel her spirit and passion for dance. Because of this, we know that her memory will forever be honored by dancers all over Delaware and beyond. 

We wish all of you nothing but love, support, and the passion to succeed in all you do.

God bless,

Autumn Schneider, Mike Drulis,

& the Diane Drulis Foundation Board of Directors

Scholarships for dedicated, passionate

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Scholarships for dedicated, passionate dancers


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